Monday, May 26, 2008

Swimming, Swimming, In the Swimming Pool

Memorial Day was eventful for Blythe. We had a barbecue with some friends and Blythe got to go swimming for the first time!

Here is her before picture... she was happy and content doing her own thing.

But mom and dad had to go and change her into a swimsuit...

Then pose her like she was trying to get a tan... (note: We aren't bad parents - she had on lots of sunscreen and was only out for about 15 minutes) Then there were the steps of the pool. This is where she began to become concerned...

Then we tried to put her all the way in. It was at this point that she realized that this was more than a normal bath...

Finally, we put her in a float - she was more concerned with what she was sitting in than the water that was surrounding her!

All in all, she didn't seemed too phased by the whole experience. She just took it in stride as she tends to do with everything. As parents we were hoping for more of a reaction to her first pool experience! At least we learned that she didn't hate it like her daddy did when he was a baby. Our little water baby is going to have much more of this to come in the coming months!



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