Monday, September 29, 2008

A Weekend Away

Brian and I took a much needed trip this weekend. We went down to Ft. Meyers to a conference and Blythe stayed in Tampa with Meme and Poppy! We are so thankful to have family close by that love to help us out and give us time to spend alone together. We are even more thankful that they'll do it for three days with a baby who still doesn't have regular nap times! This weekend was such a blessing to us as we were reminded that God has given us such a gift in each other and there's nothing better we can do for our baby girl than to be thankful for that gift every day!

Meme and Poppy had so much fun with Blythe!
They put up a new swing for her to enjoy and she had a blast! They got her laughing every time she went in it!

She also watched the gator game with Poppy and was so sad that we lost! Meme and Poppy have made their house so fun for their grandbabies that soon they won't ever want to go home!



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